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Sutton Coldfield, Birmingham, West Midlands
At MSS we have created a long-term vision that is linked to our mission and company values.
Security Sutton Coldfield


Trust is an invaluable characteristic when selecting a security installer. With MSS, our customers have confidence in the honesty, integrity and reliability of all our employees.

Security Sutton Coldfield

Customer Focused

We are customer driven in everything we do. Hence qualities such as accessibility, responsiveness, empathy and cohesiveness are essential and deep-rooted in our business.

Security Sutton Coldfield


Professionalism is within our DNA. Hence all our employees are efficient, detail orientated, reliable, self-motivated and personable.

Security Sutton Coldfield


The security industry is constantly evolving through the emergence of new technology. To continue growing as a business, MSS are prepared for these new trends, the future is our present.

Finished Projects
New Designs
Team Members
Happy Clients

Our Vision

Our vision acts as a guide for us today whilst providing a direction for the future.

  • Portfolio: continue to offer a portfolio of high quality security brands
  • Partners: bring together an enviable network of customers and suppliers. When combined, they offer innovation, quality and satisfaction
  • Productivity: be a highly effective, efficient and adaptable business
  • People: the business includes people who are knowledgeable, customer-driven, passionate and solution-orientated

Our Mission

Our mission highlights our purpose as a company and provides a standard by which we measure our actions.

  • To provide a high quality solution and service to all our customers
  • To create added value and make a difference
  • To be a leader, not a follower

Our Values

Our values act as a driver for our behaviours.

  • Leadership: the drive to create a better future
  • Collaboration: more minds equal a better outcome
  • Integrity: being ourselves is the best way forward
  • Accountability: what we do matters
  • Passion: commitment from both the heart and mind
  • Diversity: a broad and flexible approach means a suitable outcome
  • Quality: we are a leader not a follower