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Sutton Coldfield, Birmingham, West Midlands

Residential CCTV Security Systems

We are proven specialists in providing CCTV security for homes and businesses in Sutton Coldfield, Birmingham, Tamworth, Lichfield, Walsall, Solihull, Coventry, across the West Midlands and UK.

Residential CCTV Security Systems

Over recent years, there has been an upturn in the installation of home CCTV security systems. CCTV cameras can record criminal activity and helping to prevent future occurrence or can even be used as evidence in the court of law. With the advances in technology and reduction in cost, home CCTV security is an affordable option to enhance the security of your home, garden and possessions.


We appreciate that every homeowner has their own unique set of requirements which can vary from analogue to high definition cameras that are located at various points around their home. To select the correct security solution, we will send an expert consultant who will carry a free site survey.

Security Sutton Coldfield


Highly experienced and skilled, our consultants will design a security solution for your specific requirements. They will also advise on important considerations such as data protection laws, compliance issues and local authority procedures.

Security Sutton Coldfield


We provide a 24/7, 365 days a year CCTV monitoring service which continuously safeguards your property against threats. With the addition of the enhanced/higher-level ‘police response’ element, you will gain the optimum level of security.

You can be assured that MSS will design the right residential CCTV security system for you. Our home CCTV security systems have excellent performance levels, field proven reliability and in some cases award winning designs, which is no surprise considering we have access to the world’s leading security brands.

Analogue Vs Digital

A CCTV security system which records ‘in the moment’ surveillance onto a video-tape for future access.


A CCTV security system which records ‘in the moment’ surveillance onto a video-tape for future access.


A diverse monitoring system that involves a digital camera saving surveillance directly onto a computer. Depending on the software, images can be recorded, displayed or retransmitted anywhere in the world.

Types of residential CCTV Security Systems

We design, install and maintain three types of home CCTV security systems. Each CCTV security system carefully integrates the latest hi-tech cameras to give you the clearest picture possible. Examples include Vandal Resistant Dome cameras integrating Infra Red (IR) technology, Bullet cameras where the need for a greater range of Infra Red (IR) is required, Fully functional PTZ Speed Domes together with Covert cameras.


Our standalone system involves connecting various types of security cameras into a digital video recorder (DVR). The DVR will record the images of the cameras continuously or the DVR can be programmed to only record when motion is triggered.

Remote Connectivity

Remote connectivity is an additional feature that allows the DVR to be connected via a broadband router enabling viewing of your security cameras via the internet or smartphone.

Remote Monitoring

MSS monitored CCTV Security Systems are connected via the internet to a CCTV Monitoring Station. If an alarm is generated via a motion sensor, one of our security professionals with monitor the cameras manually. They will immediately respond by contacting the Keyholder, Police or via the loudspeaker to the intruder, an excellent form of visual verification.

Advantages for your home

Residential CCTV security systems that keep your home, possessions and those of sentimental value safe.

Fear Reduction

Peace of mind knowing that your house and possessions are secure

Deterrent Value

Deter potential intruders from entering your home with visible CCTV security cameras

Lower Insurance Premiums

Those with home CCTV security systems installed may get additional discounts from insurance providers


CCTV evidence can be vital in the prosecution of offenders

Additional Protection

Can be customised with sophisticated remote connectivity, remote monitoring or with audio features internally and externally


Many have an analogue CCTV security system installed in their home that may need replacing with a more sophisticated digital CCTV system. Digital CCTV systems offer more flexibility, performance and quality. However, we appreciate that upgrading is guided by your budget, security needs and insurer’s requirements.

For total peace of mind, we do advise that you book a free, no obligation site survey with one of our consultants. As all homes are different, our consultants will focus on the lighting and positioning to optimise visibility and security. Having conducted the survey, you may realise that you need a new digital CCTV system, alternatively you may find out that you only require a new DVR and cameras. Whatever the outcome, it is important you re-assess your current CCTV system before an unfortunate event occurs.

Looking for a quality and affordable security solution for your home or business?

We are proven specialists in providing CCTV security solutions for homes and businesses in Sutton Coldfield, Birmingham, Tamworth, Lichfield, Walsall, Solihull, Coventry, across the West Midlands and UK.